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Welcome to a high performance Green Building’s site.

Arch.Mohsen Sayed
Posted by on May 25, 2011

Our Mission;

We aim to contribute on Green Buildings movement by sharing our knowledge with your projects /Organization staff.


Regular free sessions are conducted about Green Building principles & LEED core concepts in both Egypt/Qatar by Arch. Mohsen Essam, PMP, LEED AP BD+C, QSAS CGP



78 Responses to Welcome to a high performance Green Building’s site.

  1. Ahmed Anwer

    we need to apply the LEED on Egypt & to have our code for that specially for historical place.

  2. Mohsen Sayed

    Dear Ahmed,
    InShaeAllah It’ll happen soon, Green Pyramid is the Egyptian rating system which is under development by The Housing and Building National Research Center In conjunction withThe Egyptian Green Building Council.

    *pl follow the link below to download the puplic review version which issued on April, 2011.

    Arch.Mohsen Sayed

  3. Wael Mohamed

    Dear sir ,

    Where can i attend and get my LEED certificate accredited here in Egypt ?

    • Admin

      Dear Wael,

      I’ll add your name to the coming batch next month, an online session is orgganized every saturday.


    Dear Sir,

    Good day Sir, Im very much interested to have knowledge in Leed. So if u have any session register me as one of your participant. I’m Marita Cordon Grade A registered Architect in UPDA. I met you already in our parking area because we are living in one compound. Any session please let me know.

    Respectfully Yours,

    Marita A. Cordon

    • Admin

      Dear Marita,

      We started a new batch last friday, *pl contact me to join it.

    • Admin

      Dear Marita,

      As discussed during our convernesation yesterday, you may join the coming batch 15th June 2012.



  5. Mina Sarwat

    I’d like to know if there is any certified institute in Egypt conducts and Educational Programs for the LEED ?? i.e LEED GA Prep courses ?

    • Admin

      Dear Mina,

      Thanks for passing by our site & posting your question.
      As of now I’m in Qatar & I have no idea bout who is offering this course in Egypt.
      However I’ll be avilable in Cairo for one month starting from 1st week of August 2012 Inshae Allah where I’ll arrange to introduce a free session @ Egyptian Engineering Syndicate .

  6. Osama Sherif

    Dear Eng Mohsen,
    I am proud of your mission, always looking forward to be involved in LEED idea and studying about it. I am part of OCI team, constructing a new premises building for DAR ELHANDASA in smart village. The project is expecting to receive a Gold LEED certificate and I do my best to get involved with the LEED consultant group(AUC). I need information about how to study LEED courses and availability in Egypt.
    Thanks for reading my message and looking for your reply on website or mail.

    • Admin

      Dear Osama,

      Thanks for passing by & your encouraging note, *pl follow the links below for a free sessions

      In addition the core of leed is it’s initiator i.e USGBC
      there is some other valuable sources & I may recommend leed user web site

      I’ll be in Egypt for a month effectively from mid of August, 2012 Inshae Allah , it’s my pleasure to breif you & others about sustainability in general & LEED in particular.
      Meantime online course could be arranged subject to have 10 candidates.

      Best regards,

      • Osama Sherif

        Dear Eng Mohsen,

        Thanks for your reply and it would be great opportunity to attend your briefing when you come Inshae Allah to Egypt. Also it would be great to post the exact date and place for your session when you come Inshaeallah.
        Thanks again for your cooperation and looking forward to see you….

        Best Regards,

  7. Louie Delana

    I actually planned to compose a small note to thank for you for some of the pleasant secrets you are showing on this website.

  8. Royce Hooper

    Yo. I actually wanted to place a good brief statement and inform you grasp that in fact I’ve been reading your page for quite some time. Keep up the fantastic efforts and I am going to be browsing again again rapidly.

  9. Mohamed hesham

    First it’s a great blog and it’s a great thing to have the opportunity here in Egypt to contact a LEED AP .

    second , i found this blog while searching about info for becoming a LEED ap, am interested in this field and i want to become a LEED ap for building design and construction..i found that it needs good studying for the references and passing the exam which is all OK,the problem is the eligibility to take the exam so am asking how to get the experience by participating in a LEED certified project to be eligible to take the exam where Egypt has a lack of green projects or LEED projects!!

    by the way am a student in the last year in the departement of architecture,alexandria university.
    Thank you

    • Admin

      Dear Mohamed,

      Best wishes for a prosperous success in your end of the year exam & project.
      once you are ready *pl contact me via my e-mail to arrange for your participation in our LEED Regestered project.


  10. asmaa

    i want to know how i could join with leed cources from egypt

    • Admin

      Dear Asmaa,

      *pl let me know if your company is a member of USGBC or not ? because you may simply have a free online course at
      or else you may wait till my coming visit to Egypt at the end of Ramadan Inshae Allah then you can join a 12 hours cource at Housing Research Centre .

      Meantime you’ll always find free sessions at LEEDEGYPT web site, if possible you may arrange a group of 5 & just let me know when we can have net meeting.
      preferable saturday from 4 to 7 Pm, After completing 12 hours I’ll issue you the Certificate of Attendance of “GREEN BUILDING Strategies” course.


      • asmaa

        Dear eng Mohsen,
        i’ve just read your reply as i emailed you from both my email accounts.
        Sorry for my late reply.
        In your mail, u mentioned a free online exam i pass it now, what should i do next?
        Our company is not a member of USGBC but we have some engineers who got it.
        I understand the three terms from your link but i don’t meet the condition and i guess i should attend the eligibility workshop on AUC or other?
        i can’t find the free session on leed egypt website, is it for members only?
        anyway, it is good idea to arrange a group for the net meeting, if i couldn’t, i will join a 12 hours cource at Housing Research Centre inshae Allah
        Thanks a lot for your cooperation

        • Admin

          Dear Asmaa,

          I’ll send you the web link for the introduction & Sustainable Site session via e-mail.



  11. Husam Al Omar

    Dear Mr. Muhsen
    there was a case in yesterday session when you viewed the good parking lot example photo , if you have asphalt wide parking with trees shadings, how it is going to be rated, in this case you will have :
    1- wide area of parking with impervious material .
    2- we will have also trees used as shading to reduce the heat
    3- it might be considered as alternative to the synthetic fabric shading which affects negatively the resources and in the other hand not durable and eco friendly as the trees

    whats your opinion please.

    • Admin

      Dear Husam,

      Thanks for your comment, Actually We need to evaluate the above as a project within its design & execution circumuatances.

      For example let’s assume an existing wide car parking area for 1000 cars without shade or trees, certainly it’ll will negatively affect on both Heat island and storm water run off.

      To reduce the above we may have a storm water harvesting system plus one of the following projects as listed below;

      1.0 To install a car parking shade with high SRI material in white color…which have an associated cost & eco impact.

      2.0 To plant shaded Native trees…. which is a lower cost solution but it needs 3 to 5 years for trees to grow plus a temporary irrigation.

      3.0 To erect a 2 story underground ground parking with a roof garden over 50% of the area…’ll cost triple the above & it’ll may take a year to get ready.

      4.0 To replace the black Ashphalt with white color Granite cubes lay on a reinforced concrete slabs over compacted soil.

      Successful Projects selection is based on a validating strategic goals and LCCA.


  12. Ramy Derar

    Eng: Mohsen,
    I joint the leed course yesterday. i interested by this introduction class, whenever obstacles we face in the begining, but i touch some change in my knowledg and i got more information about that subject.
    near soon, we waiting for your e-mail with forward link.

    • Admin

      Dear Ramy,
      Thanks for your post, I sent you all an e-mail witht the links as agreed.

  13. mai

    Hi Sir,
    Iam doing a master under the subject Ecological Dimension in Architecture . and I presented LEED COD of green buildings, &iam to glad to know about green pyramid rating system (GPRS) in Egypt . & would like to know :
    1-If there any new updates for the rating system of GPRS?
    2-If this COD will be suitable for public building & homes?
    3-If there any changes in the COD for urban planning projects?
    4- If there any projects got the green pyramid or expected to gain it?
    Please if you don’t mind advice me with the knowledge before and with any information could help me in my research

    • Admin

      Dear Mai,

      I’m out of Egypt as of now & I may visit Egypt by end of August.
      I’ll come back to you then with some up date about GPRS.
      You have to keep in mind that the rating system is not a code of practise, it is a tool for the third party/ Green Building certificate.

  14. Diana

    Dear Mr.Mohsen,
    thank you for the great introduction for the LEED course on Friday, it was very interesting and informative as a first class.

    Thank you.


  15. Rania H

    Dear Instructor Mohsen,
    Thanks for making the LEED GA first session training easily recognized through covering the related information.
    Looking forward to have the second session tomorrow, to get the full knowledge as an Architectural Engineer, that aims to create the new sense of direction towards the environmental awareness.
    best Regards,
    Rania H.

  16. rasha

    dear sir:
    thank you for this opportunity; i would like to study and to obtain the LEED AP so i need to know if there is a course to join to help me studying and if i can be registered as a member in a LEED project?
    thank you

    • Admin

      Dear Rasha,
      We have a LEED registered project in Egypt, *pl brief me more about your speciality & which category you would join.
      Contact me at to coordinate further.


  17. Sameh Awad Ramadan

    Dear instructor Mr Mohsen:-
    successfully I passed leed green associate exam with score of 182 of 200
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support during course period especially materials & Exam Questions training and the useful sessions lectures uploaded on web site, The course was simple and interesting

    the most lesson learned i would like to advise my colleagues is:-
    1- Solve exam questions training with full answers , it is very useful
    2- maintain continuous daily studying hours (from 1-2 hours per day)

  18. Moataz Mosallam

    Dear Admin

    I really would like to now more information about how to get accredited here in egypt?
    i think i have to register online for the exam. but i want to know the steps i should take.
    is there any courses i should take before applying myself for the LEED exam.
    i contacted amideast but the couldn’t help me.
    i would be thankful for any information please
    my email adress is for any information.
    Best Regards

    • Admin

      Dear Moataz,

      *pl follow the link below to start your first step in preparation by having a user account at USGBC.
      *pl complete it & let me know to proceed further.


    • Admin

      Dear Moataz,

      You need to have one of the three elegibility requirements for LEED Green Associate Exam after that you’ll submit you application to GBCI.
      GBCI will reply to you & then you’ll submit & book the exam online.
      at the exam date you’ll go to the EXAM centre & attend the exam.

      *pl visit for more information.


      • Jesi

        I went out for coffee the morinng after my post with someone and mentioned it I asked him if he knew before, and he did but direct from an upper level GBCI guy’s mouth.Odd they did not announce it. Kudos for fixing it so fast though!Timothy R. Hughes recently posted..

  19. Dr . Bakr Hashem

    Where can i attend and get my LEED certificate accredited here in Egypt ?

    • Admin

      Dear Dr. Bakr,

      I’m out of Egypt and you may be the the right person to inform me.

      However I organize a regular online course subject to have 5 candidates, it takes 3 sessions with 4 hours each on saturday/s afternoon.

      After the completion of the course I’ll issue you a participation certificate in order to seek eligibility from GBCI.

      Best regards,


  20. Ahmad

    Great job, Mohandis Mohsen !! :-)

  21. hanan

    hi sir,
    i just graduated from the department of architecture,Cairo university and i am really interested in LEED. i want to take the LEED GA exam i have general knowledge about the references for building design and construction. i had a summer training last year about how we can use it on projects and how we can achieve the credits but i really don’t know where i should start from…and is there any courses i should take to help me studying
    i don’t have that LEED projects experience either
    so could you please help me sir ?

  22. tero powerleveling

    Hey my name is Rebecca and I’m a student and this website really helped me. I’m motivated! Thank you!

  23. beton

    You have brought up a very wonderful points , appreciate it for the post.

  24. Taha Abdel Rahman Taha

    Dear Mr. Mohsen,
    I hope you arrive to Egypt on mid of August safe and sound. I would highly appreciate if you can arrange for the on-line course by then.
    Best Regards.
    Taha Abdel Rahman

    • Admin

      Dear Taha,

      I did visit Egypt for few days. We are about to start new batch 4:00 Pm cairo local time on Saturday 22nd Sep 2012.
      *pl let me know if it suit your schedule.


  25. wyroby betonowe

    Wow, marvelous blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is excellent, as well as the content!

  26. Ahmed Abbass

    Dear Sir ,

    I am a Mechanical Design Engineer with 2 years of experience. I have read most of the documents on how to become LEED Certified from The USGBC website and saw their videos on youtube channel. So The missing item for me is that I was never enrolled in a LEED project which is a major eligibility item. But I heard that this obstacle can be overcomed by taking some Green Building Courses. So Kindly, Can you suggest some courses and places ?. Also I want to be enrolled in your sessions which will take place in Egypt.

    Thank you so much for your cooperation.

    Best Regards,
    Ahmed Abbass
    Mechanical Engineer

    • Admin

      Dear Ahmed,

      Many thanks for your post, I sent you an email with the details of the online courses. it’ll covers both LEED Green Associate & LEED AP elegibility requirements.


  27. Abdelhameed Beshara

    Dear Sir,

    Many thanks for the very useful website. I am very interested in becoming LEED accredited. I hold a PhD in environmental engineering (sustainable materials and resource efficiency) and I am currently working for an environmental consultancy. According to your previous responses above , I took the first step and have already created an account at the USGBC. Could you please advise me on how best to proceed, can I join any of your courses/ batches.

    Thank you and kind regards,


    • Admin

      Dear Dr. Beshara,

      I just came from vacation & realize your post. many Thanks for it & *pl note that we’ll start a new LEED GREEN ASSOCIATE EXAM PREP., course by the coming saturday 22nd Sep 2012 at 4:00 PM cairo local time. *pl let me know whether it suit your schedule or not?


  28. Ahmad

    Dear Admin

    This my second post. I want to apply for the sessions but i don,t know what i should do.

    • Admin

      Dear Ahmad,

      Thanks for your post & *pl accept my apology as I just came back from vacation. I sent you an email with all the details.


  29. Ahmad Refaat

    Dear Admin

    I want to enroll my name in this sessions but i don,t know what shall i do.


    dear sir,
    please i want to take leed certification on egypt what can i do?


    • Admin

      Dear Hazem,

      You are most welcome to join our new batch, it’ll be on saturday 22nd September at 4:00 PM cairo local time InshaeAllah.
      I sent you an email with the details.


  31. Ahmad Refaat

    Dear Mr/Mohsen
    You sent me an e-mail as a reply for my inquiry about attending thursday sessions i tried to sent you an e-mail but i it gives me sending failure anyway this is the e-mail:
    “I want to inform that i am interested in attending this sessions but i have some inquiries about it. I want to ask about the fees, sessions contents, the instructor & location. Can i pay the fees in thursday before attending it.Another issue, we will be two persons what shall we do?”

    • Admin

      Dear Ahmed,

      You are most welcome to join our coming batch saturday 22nd September at 4:00 PM cairo local time.
      I sent you an email with the details.


  32. Amr Auf

    Dear sir,

    I’m currently a student at the Architectural department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. I’m about to finish my Bachelor degree this year, and I found it very important for me to have a LEED certificate upon my graduation. I’m asking if I can enroll in the course you offer here.

    Thanks in advance, and your time and effort are much appreciated

    • Admin

      Dear Amr,

      I doubt that you have enough time now days …because I’m an Architect too.
      InshaeAllah you may join us by the end of 2013 study year.

      Regards & *pl accept my best wishes for a prosperous success..


  33. Usama

    Dear Sir,

    I need to know the earliest sessions batch that i can enroll in, fees, and are these sessions are live online ( interactive ) or recorded sessions.
    Also please advise if i have to travel out of Egypt to get certified or not, and where.


    • Admin

      Dear Osama,

      A new batch will start saturday 22nd Sep. 2012 at 5:00 PM cairo local time. it’s live online course 12 hours 3 sessions with 4 hours each.

      the clasees are in both English & Arabic. *pl let me know if you are interested to join it in order to send you an invitation as I have a limited seats.


      • Usama

        Dear Sir,

        Please let me know of the next future sessions, i saw your kind eply too late.
        Also please advise if sitting for an exam is available from Egypt.


  34. Faten

    Dear Eng Mohsen,
    your blog is very useful, I’m very glad to find all those engineers interested in sustainability.
    can you please provide me with information about the planned LEED courses (online and live ones)? also i would like to know the fees for each, and if there are free courses available online, can you please send me there links ???
    and If i wanted to get certified, is there any testing center in Egypt or do i have to travel to lebanon or UAE to get certified?????
    Thank you eng. mohsen for your great efforts.

    • Admin

      Dear Faten,
      Many thanks for your post. I sent you an email answering your queries.


  35. Mohamed Essam

    i want to know how i could join with free sessions from egypt

  36. Ahmed Ramadan zaki

    Ahmed Ramadan Ahmed Zaki

    Helwan university, faculty of engineering Phone: +202-255-860-59
    Electrical power & machines Dep. Helwan Mob: +2-0111-8261-726
    Cairo, Egypt

    September 25, 2012

    Dear Mohaen Essam,

    We are students at Faculty of Engineering Electrical power and machines department , Our graduation project is eco-friendly home using renewable energy and BMS. I wonder if there are free sessions about Green Building and if Leer can help us like a technical support, and how we contact with LEER
    any information about project idea are furnished upon request.

    yours sincerely,

    Ahmed Ramadan Ahmed Zaki

  37. Juliana

    For those of you that do decide to prrpaee for the LEED AP exam, the U.S. Green Building Council Colorado Chapter is updating its study guide! The Colorado Chapter’s Building Design and Construction study guide will be on sale November 6. The original guide helped thousands of people all around the world pass the exam and the updated version is even better. Call 303-454-3393 to preorder a copy today!

  38. jDavidTreefnza

    Thank you for writing this website and sharing it using the globe. I would like to know the best way to go for examining your rss blog. Please let me know if achievable.

  39. Online Architecture Degrees

    It’s really a nice and useful piece of info. I’m
    glad that you shared this useful info with us. Please stay
    us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  40. Alice Alrod

    Good article! I found it really useful.


    I am mechanical engineer working in saudi arabia in construction company ( arabtec saudi) and have attained the designation of LEED AP ( BD+C) and PMP in 2012
    i wish to go back and work in Egypt if there is job vacancy.

  42. Yasser

    Please contact me ASAP I need help to finish my GA leed certification before V4 coming

  43. Gyrlou

    Dear Mr. Mohsen,

    I am very thankful for the very concise and clear inputs during our training for PMP and I’m sure all of my batch feels the same way too.
    May you continue to help professionals in understanding more about project management.


  44. Admin

    Dear Khalid,

    You are welcome & thanks for your comment.


  45. Admin

    Dear Mohamed,
    You can take LEED AP exam directly & if you pass you can’t be a LEED Accredited professonal unless you pass also LEED Green Associate exam too.

    so you have to attend the two exams & pass them both, which could be in the same day or two different days.

    It’s recommended to start with LEED Green associate first & once pass you can go for LEED AP exam.


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