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LEED Green Associate & LEED AP


LEED Green Associate & LEED AP are credential  provided by GBCI   www.gbci.org”></a

You are most welcome to join our regular classes of LEED GREEN ASSOCIATE Exam Preparation Course in Egypt & Kingdom of Saudia Arabia, for more info *pl contact us at


LEED v4 User Guide Introduction from U.S. Green Building Council on Vimeo.


March 2012

You’ll gain it after passing the related exam with a minimum score of 170 out of 200.


April 2012

With pleasure we’ll breif you about it in a 30 minute Free session in English/ Arabic.

CCE Course  by Mr. Viju Kumar - April 2012.

April 2012

 May 2012

June 2012

                                                                         September 2012


March 2013

April 2013


Group photos of July 2013 Batch

Group photo of September 2013 Batch

September 2014

LEED Introduction in KSA on April 2015

For more details *pl contact us at

136 Responses to LEED Green Associate & LEED AP

  1. Nour El Gharib

    Good Evening,

    I am a Management and Economics undergradute student and I am about to start my graduation project.
    My project’s topic is transforming a traditional business model into a green one. I was also hoping to implement some of my findings at our campus as well.

    I was hoping I would be able to get you professional advice regarding that matter,

    Nour El Gharib

    • Admin

      Dear Nour,

      Green Building trible bottom lines are People, Profit & Planet. it focus on five main categories ( site, water, Energy, Material & Indoor Air quality)

      Based on your Business Model you may approach & encourage your company top management to apply a rating system & to contribute in the worldwide green building movement.

      In case of existing building your focus will be on the operation & maintenance to cover some items like;

      1.0 To establish a plan for green purchasing polices for consumable materials with high recycle content, minimum or zero volitile organic component, less harmfull chemicals, energy star apliances…etc.

      2.0 To encourage public transportation, carpool & zero or low emittion vehicles for building full time equivalent users.

      3.0 To apply a pest control management plan ” by informing the Bldg., users at least 24hour before aplying it”

      4.0 To have along period rent contract with the Bldg., owner where applicable.

      5.0 To provide most of Bldg., users with task light, openable windows & occupancy sensors specially at meeting room.

      6.0 To ensure Free Tobaco smoke @ public spaces & within 25 feet from Bldg entrances & opening.

      7.0 To measure Bldg users satisfaction by having a statistic survey.

      *pl refer to for more informations.


  2. marvin

    Hi Mr. Mohsen,

    This subject matter “Green Movement” is indeed a life-changing programme. I congratulate myself for being one of the sensible individuals whose having a great participation in making/preserving a Greener Earth for generations to come.

    And of course, more credit to you. Since I started the course I also began to think green. Now, I start to apply and act upon.

    More Power and please keep up the good work!


    Chicago Institute, Doha
    march, 2012

  3. Edbert

    Hi there Mr. Mohsen. First of all thank you very much for sharing your knowledge to us. It is an honor to have you as our teacher giving us advises on how to apply the “GREEN MOVEMENT”. Now I am starting to apply it at work and even at home. Continue to spread your words of teaching in order others to be aware what is GREEN all about. Keep up the good work..

    Best Regards,

    Edbert Ancheta
    Chicago Institute
    Doha, Qatar

  4. Edwin

    Mr. Mohsen… Thanks for the knowledge you have imparted to us… and thanks for your unselfish support to your students… I believe, with that much, generous support from you, WE ARE GONNA BE VICTORIOUS on our exam day… bless your heart..!

    Chicago Institute

  5. Rowell

    Hi Mr. Mohsen,

    Many thanks for all the help and knowledge that you shared with us, great tools to pass the LEED GA challenging exam. Hope to see you again in the next Tier. God bless you! :)

    Chicago Institute, Doha

    • Admin

      Dear Rowell,

      With pleasure & I believe that you’ll pass it soon.

      Best regards,

  6. asmaa

    I want to join with green building courses i think it save energy resources

    • Admin

      Dear Asmaa,

      You are most welcome to join our coing sessions on GREEN BUILDING STRATEGIES, the batch will start their first online presentation on Saturday 21st April 2012 at 4:00 P.M. GMT … inshae’Allah.

      Inaddition I sent you an access for the material via e-mail.


  7. ashwaq

    I want to join with Green Building courses as it the trend of future construction and i think it save power energy

    • Admin

      Dear Ashwaq,

      You are most welcome to join our coing sessions on GREEN BUILDING STRATEGIES, the batch will start their first online presentation on Saturday 21st April 2012 at 4:00 P.M. GMT … inshae’Allah.

      Inaddition I’ll e-mail you today an access to the material link.


    • Alexis

      JB, I see stuff like this and occasionally wish I had fihsnied my degree in architecture. I LOVE the modern stuff, could look at it all day, could live in it hope to afford it Either way, this is a nice one but the location . I could live without. Warmer is better, know? I’d shoot for about a thousand miles south and would be GOLDEN.Hope you’re doing well!

  8. alaa

    I want to join with green building courses since it’s very useful for my jop

    • Admin

      Dear Alaa,

      You are most welcome to join our coing sessions on GREEN BUILDING STRATEGIES, the batch will start their first online presentation on Saturday 21st April 2012 at 4:00 P.M. GMT … inshae’Allah.

      Inaddition I’ll e-mail you today an access to the material link.


  9. safaa

    i want to join with green building courses since some project required to be certified with it

    • Admin

      Dear Safaa,

      You are most welcome to join our coing sessions on GREEN BUILDING STRATEGIES, the batch will start their first online presentation on Saturday 21st April 2012 at 4:00 P.M. GMT … inshae’Allah.

      Inaddition I’ll e-mail you today an access to the material link.


  10. Ayman

    Hi Mr. Mohsen,

    I’m a student of architectural engineering, I like green building, it’s the future.
    I’d like to attend your courses about green building. I hope you can provide me more information about time, place, instructors, course contents and costs. I hope too you provide me a phone number that i can communicate with you sir.

    Best regards,
    Ayman Abdallah

    • Admin

      Dear Ayman,

      You are most welcome to join the coming online batch on Saturday 12th May 2012 at 4:00 P.M. GMT … inshae’Allah.
      I’ll provide u with all details to your e-mail.


  11. Rakesh

    Hello Mohsen,
    Your first session was good and informative.
    Look forward for much more in the upcomming session in Chicago institute Doha.



    • Jelena

      Posted on Hello, my name is Alex, i’m a newbie here. I rellay do like your resource and rellay interested in things you discuss here, also would like to enter your community, hope it is possible:-) Cya around, best regards, Alex!


    Dear all..
    I am an Architect.. very much interested in the green building design, I think it will be the architecture of the near future..that’s why I involved in a LEED course with the respectful Mr.Mohsen..
    Yesterday was my first session, it seemed to be very interesting subject..and i believe this way of design will contribute to cut energy consumption to help our future generation to have a good chance to live on this planet..
    I hope we will finish this course, pass the LEED exam successfully and take our part in designing some buildings to help the earth survive..

  13. Ahmed Ali Khan

    Dear Mr. Mohsen,
    Thank you very much for all the help and knowledge that you shared with us, indeed it was good knowledge sharing experience/sessions. Hope fully we shall implement the green building & sustainability concepts as far as possible in our day to day life for better tomorrow.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Ahmed Ali Khan
    Chicago Institute, Doha

  14. ashraf zekri

    dear eng. mohsen
    1 – are the LEED GA exam prep. courses available in egypt ”
    2- where are the certified test centers in middle east ?
    3- will u be available in egypt the next period to contact u in person?



    Dear Mr. Mohsen..
    After completion the LEED GA course with you,, let me on the behalf of myself and my colleagues express our deepest thanks for your great effort during the course.. we all hope that we will not disappoint you and ourselves in the next GA exam..
    Please send us the links for Water, Energy, Material and IEQ sessions ASAP..

    the photos are great..


    • Admin

      Dear Ahmad,
      many thanks for your kind words & I’ll e-mail you the requested link/s soon.

      Best wishes,

  16. Ahmed EL ALFY

    Dear Eng Mohsen ,

    I am a fresh graduate from the faculty of engineering Ain shams university major ” Environmental building Engineering” in which we studied how to design sustainable green buildings, my graduation project was a green building , we are the 1st class to graduate from this major in our college.

    I want to study more about LEED so i can work in a big company that deals with the design and construction of green buildings, can your course help me with that ?
    If YES , can i know when and where can i have this course .
    If No , can you suggest where to find courses in this career or give me an advise ?

    Thank you.

    • Admin

      Dear Ahmed,

      Thanks for your post & please note that we arrange a regular online cources for both LEED Green Associate & LEED AP exams preparation, the coming batch is planned to start at 1 PM GMT on saturday 9th June 2012 subject of having a minimum of 6 students.

      the course will take 12 hours within 3 weeks & it will provide you with the tools you need for LEED Green Associate exam preparation as a first step.

      after the end of the 3rd session we’ll e-mail you the certificate of attendance.



  17. Rania HASSAN

    Dear Mohsen,
    Thank you very much for your interest in teaching the LEED GA course, we had the first session and seemed an interesting subject aims for better health and less waste especially for me as an Architect with almost 7 years experience in design and construction.
    Looking forward to meet you next week in the second session and thanks for supporting us with all necessary documents and information.

    Best regards,
    Rania H.

    • Admin

      Dear Rania,

      Thanks for passing by and I’m looking forward for your future comments.


  18. Mostafa Sherif

    Dear Mr.Mohsen,
    hope to have a good day. please i want to participate in the upcoming course, kindly send me full details if you please. I’m an Architect.
    Thanks for your graet efforts to spread this principle in Egypt.

    Best Regards,
    Mostafa Sherif

  19. Rowell

    Hi Mr. Mohsen,

    I passed GA today with a score of 191 at first try, thank you so much for the help. More power!


    • Admin

      Dear Rowell,

      Congradulation, you deserve it due to your sinceer effort.
      *pl provide us with your lesson learned & your advisces for other colleagues.


  20. Rowell

    Dear Mr. Mohsen,

    In response to your request, I would like to share some tips to all of our colleagues preparing for the LEED GA exam.

    Based on my experience with LEED GA credentialing exam, two months preparation and minimum of two hours a day of studying is enough to pass and get a competitive score. I didn’t focus on one study guide only, I tried to search on internet for another books related to LEED that could explain the Green Building principles in different way my handbook does. During the exam, avoid looking on the exam timer and focus only on the questions, 2 hours are long enough to complete all items. And lastly, expect also from the exam that there are some terms that your handbook never introduced (happened not only to me but also to our colleague’s exam, Marvin, he passed the exam two days after mine, Congratulations to you mate!). Good luck to all!

    Best Regards,

    • Admin

      Dear Rowell,

      What about the mock up exams, which site you joined ?
      Inaddition out of the five main categories which one you found more in the exam.
      Many thanks for sharing your lessons learned with us.


  21. Rowell

    Dear Mr. Mohsen,

    I found more questions came from SS, then WE was a second and MR as a third. Only few questions from EA and IEQ, only one from ID and nothing from RP.


  22. Jimmy S. T.

    Hi Mr. Mohsen,

    Many thanks for the shared Knowledge and Technics! Just Passed the Exam today. The Studio 4 Credit summary chart that you’ve provided really plays well and of course GBES online mock up exam.

    God bless and More Power!

    Jimmy, LEED GA

    • Admin

      Dear Jimmy,

      Contradulation, this is really good news.
      Best wishes for further success.

  23. Love Ruscio

    I was reading through some of your posts on this site and I believe this website is very informative! Keep on posting.

  24. Zubair khan

    Dear Eng Mohsen,

    It was good a class today,I was very much confused about the LEED GA course but after the class things are clear.The introduction video is not working can you please check that out….

    • Admin

      Dear Zubair,

      Thanks for passing by to our website & I’ll send you a web link for yesterday session together with the other study material as discussed.


  25. Edbert

    Hi Mr. Mohsen. First of all I would like to say thank you very much for sharing your knowledge to us. I already passed the LEED GA Exam last week. Let me tell you the lesson I learned from this exam.. 40% of the questions came from GBES Mock up Exam and 10% came from Everblue mock up Exam. And the remaining 50% came from different resources. I can say that the exam is difficult and tricky! You need to understand the questions carefully. It took me 1-2 mins to answer the questions. (well it depends on the questions difficulty).. I prepared 3months for this exam and give myself 4hrs of review per day. My advice to all who wants to take the GA exam, DON’T BE RELAX, you need to concentrate and prepare with full commitment. Do not concentrate in only one source. Download reading materials, listen to MP3, and online exams especially GBES and everblue coz it helps me a lot to answer the questions. Not only answering it, but you need to understand the concept what is GREEN all about.. Hope this can help to those who wants to take the LEED GA Exam..

    Sir Mohsen, continue to spread your words of teaching in order others to be aware what is GREEN all about. Keep up the good work..

    Best Regards,

    Edbert Ancheta, LEED GA
    MEP/A.S.S. Coordinator
    CP-19, Emiri Terminal, NDIA

  26. Edbert

    Most of my Questions came from Energy and Atmosphere and Water Efficiency (I got 100% from WE) :)

  27. Dana Shisila

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  30. Education

    I really appreciate this post. I have been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thanks again

  31. Hesham Younis

    i am a graduated architect in alexandria … i want to gain a LEED certificate , what should i do , thanks

    • Admin

      Dear Hesham,
      *pl check my reply to a similar query.


  32. Vicente Gribben

    You have noted very interesting points! ps decent internet site.

  33. Ahmed Alaa El Din

    I am a representative for what is called “Green Initiative” which is the 1st student activity @faculty of engineering ain shams university which is concerned with sustainability and our energy resources

    we need some sessions and support to share our concept of consuming energy

    thanks in advance :)

    • Admin

      Dear Ahmed,

      Wish you all the best & You’ll find a free introduction posted in my website.


  34. Karim Azab

    i hope u can help me I was trying to find a center or University in Cairo providing the LEED GA course s so can u send me the course schedulel and fees i will be in egypt 27 oct to 22 nov thanks alot

    • Admin

      Dear Karim,

      If you want, you may join our live online courses.


  35. Ahmad AL Qasser

    Dear Mr, Mohsen / all,

    I am very sorry in writing this .. but i went in vacation right after my LEED GA exam.
    As I told you earlier, I passed the LEED GA exam in August 16th 2012 with a score of 185.. .. thanx to you in making this possible..

    The exam was not easy, but I could manage to get the right answers, I studied hard for almost 2 months ( 1-2 hours daily ). Your notes and sessions were very helpful, also the web sites you gave to us.. The mock exams were straight forward and direct, but the real exam needs more thinking in each question to find the right answer amongst the almost right other answers.. exam time duration was never been an issue.. cuase 2 hours are more than enough to finish solving each question and revise them too..
    My advice to my future collegues who are studying now and preparing for the exam is to focus on the mock exams.. read and understand every question carefully,,

    More over, I think more discussion is needed in the supject of ID and RP too..

    Mr, Mohsen: I will try to contact you this week in order to know wht is the next step,, I like this subject and I think I’m gonna have some more course ..

    Best Regards to all…


  36. Maher Al-Kotory

    I need the schedule of the coming LEED sessions, your location and your contact information in Egypt

    Thank you,

  37. Rocky

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  38. Maximina Joliet

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  39. Tam

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  40. Raoel

    Thank you for the sound critique. Me and my neighbor were just setting up to do some research about this. I am very glad to see such great info being shared freely out there.

  41. pikavippii

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  42. Yunus

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  47. Ammar Yasser

    Well .. My name is Ammar Yasser i am an architect.. Mr Mohsen has great conscious and he is a very good instructor .. i like people who really cares about what they are doing … and i hope god peed’s us all in what are we doing and i am sure he is a very educated and respectful man in what he is doing .. and i am really glad to be having this course with him .

  48. Mohamed hesham

    I ‘d like to thank you arch.mohsen for your co-operation and in shaa’ allah the blog and the courses will be an effective start to an Egyptian green community …Thank You

    • Admin

      Dear Mohamed,

      You are welcome & I’m looking for further co-operation in the future.


  49. Karim Gaber

    Hello Everybody, I’m currently taking LEED Green Associate Exam Preparation Course with Eng. Mohsen
    In dealing with Mr. Mohsen, I knew that he is a decent and respectful man, he always trying to be helpful with everyone in the course, he also has the spirit of encouraging students to learn and study for the course..He is trying to do his best in order to prepare us for the exam in suitable and effective ways
    I’d like to thank him for all his effort..I hope that I would get benefit with that course in a good way insha2 Allah…Wish you all the best Mr. Mohsen

  50. Karim Gaber

    Dear Mr. Mohsen,

    Thanks to Allah & your help, I’ve successfully passed the LEED GA exam on 24th of March, 2013
    I’ve studied for about 3 months.Your notes, sessions and the websites you gave to us were very helpful.
    The mockup exams were straight forward and direct, but the real exam needs more thinking in each question to find the right answer amongst the almost right other answers.
    Exam time duration was never been an issue, cause 2 hours are enough to finish solving each question and revise them too.
    My advice to everyone who is studying now and preparing for the exam is to focus on the mockup exams, read and understand every question carefully,

    More over, I think more discussions are needed in each of the following parts:
    Synergistic Opportunities and LEED Application Process, Innovation in Design and Regional Proirity.

    I like this subject & I think I’m going to study the LEED AP course soon

    Good Luck to all,

  51. Dixter Garcia Cabang

    1. “When the last tree is cut, the last fish is caught, and the last river is polluted; when to breathe the air is sickening, you will realize, too late, that wealth is not in bank accounts and that you can’t eat money.”
    – # Give Earth A Chance! Proverb

    2. “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed” – Gandhi

    3. Sometimes it pains me that we are troubling our planet constantly… We all must take a little step forward to protect our lovely planet!

    (reference from

    I think the idea for LEED is not just about engineering and designing for a better project in terms of building, home & neighborhood / community construction. But the whole picture is about saving the environment & our world.

    Good luck to all LEED GA – batch April 2013

    Dixter Garcia Cabang

  52. Omoniyi Akindoju

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge about Green. I really enjoyed all our sessions and it has even helped me more to starting thinking and incorporating Green designs. I know with your lectures I will definitely pass the Leed GA exam. Thank you so much Engr Mohsen.

  53. Haresh Poliyath

    Mr. Mohsen,

    All the sessions so far have been very thought provoking and am thankful for the guidance and the your lectures on the LEED GA. Looking forward for the next session and hopefully soon will have a Leed green associate logo ahead of my name.

    thank you.

  54. Haresh Poliyath

    Mr. Mohsen,

    i was going thru the GBCI site to send in my papers for the eligibility but i couldnt find any. i just saw the link for applying for exam. is it the same link which will allow to send my documents to get the eligibility?

    please advice

    thank you

  55. Ronaldo

    Arch. Mohsen
    Thank you for a very informative lecture and additional knowledge, I hope you will continue to support the professional in need of progress learning.

  56. Jerome

    Arch. Mohsen

    The training session was very clear to understand and informative. There was never a dull moment in your discussion. The presentation of the training session was great.

    Best regards,


  57. Israel

    Ar. Mohsen,

    Good evening. Thank you very much for a very helpful and informative presentation in our class. This will be very helpful for us while studying and preparing for the exam. Thank you very much for your time and support.



  58. Joyette

    Ar. Mohsen,

    Thank you very much for sharing us your knowledge on LEED, not only through your lectures but for all the references you’ve sent us as well. Although it’s a late night class, you’ve managed to keep us awake through your presentations. All the references you’ve sent us would be very helpful for us to pass the exam.

    Again, thank you very much and good day.



  59. Ahmed Ali Khan

    Dear Mr. Mohsen,
    First of all I would like to say thank you very much for sharing your knowledge to us. I cleared the LEED GA Exam yesterday. Let me tell you the lesson I learned from this exam. 50% of the questions came from GBES Mock up Exam and the remaining 50% came from different resources. the exam was bit difficult and tricky! You need to understand the questions carefully.
    I had prepared myself for the exam during the last 2 months at least 2 hrs per day. My suggestion to all who wants to take the GA exam, do not concentrate on only one source. Download reading materials, listen to MP3, and online exams especially GBES etc. also need to understand the concept of what GREEN is all about.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Ahmed Ali Khan


    Hi Mr. Mohsen,

    Thank you very much for teaching this course LEED (‘Green’) tireless educate us how save the mother earth. Even it is difficult for us pay this course but it’s worth, This will gave us not only upgrading our work profession at the same time it will gives a lot of benefits for us help for cost savings in a the project related, especially need to save our environment and for the health of all mankind.

    Thanks & Regards,


  61. Samir

    My greeting to Mr. Mohsen & all colleagues on the page,

    I just wanna share my own experience with the LEED GA exam which i just passed a couple of days ago with score 187.
    This exam like any others, needs hard work and cutting time to study (two hours a day min to pass in a short period) however, the official studying materials are not sufficient, you have to search other sources and “google” each and every items that you don’t understand, Google will also provide some photos which clarifies the picture and fix it in you mind.
    Here are some of the most useful sources that I tried:

    Study Guides

    1- GBES LEED Green Associate Study Guide
    2- LEED Green Associate Study Guide by Studio 4
    3- LEED Visual v3.

    Flash Cards

    2- GBES 401 Flashcards (63$ including 700 Exam MCQ)


    2- GBES online 700 Exam MCQ (63$ including 401 Flashcards)

    Wishing all the best for all of you

    Samir Khedr

    • ehab saeed

      Dear Mr samir,

      i would like to make contact with and have a conversation with you about the leed , i hope you dont mind , and this is my mail : .. looking forward to your response



  62. Ayman Saleh

    Thank you Mr. Mohsen, it was a great course and I hope we will pass it.
    Ayman Saleh

  63. Cordilia Bello

    Thank you Mr. moshen for taking me through the basics of LEED. The more I read about it the more I want to know more. You have inspired me a great deal. Thanks for all your help.

  64. Nasser ALnunu

    Dear Eng. Mohsen
    i wish your are doing great.
    i would to thank you for this valuable course
    i learn many things during the course which make me think deep and more creativity regarding environment and sustainability and i am looking forward to learn more in the future.

    wish me good luck for my exam and we will meet soon inshallah

    Nasser ALnunu

  65. Soma Chander

    Arch. Mohsen you lecture and subject material is very good. Thank you for teaching the basics about LEED and how its important in our day 2 day lives by saving the resources and planet.

  66. Ahmad Bahgat Shoukry

    Dear Mr. Mohsen,

    Thanks for your support, websites and software you have provided was so helpful, studying ongoing, preparing for LEED GA exam,

    wish for your the best to your career as well as Good luck for me

    thanks and regards

  67. Haytham

    Dear Mr. Mohasen
    Is there any course will start soon here in Egypt. I need preparation course for AP exam.

    • Admin

      Dear Mr. Haytham,

      We are on the process of establishing our branch in Cairo opposite to Al Ahram hospital at Al Ahram Street.



  68. Arnel Balaoro

    I want to know the office in Riyadh , to inquire about a classes preparation to take the examination to be certified by LEED .


    • Admin

      Dear Arnel

      Thanks for your post & *pl note that we don’t have a branch in KSA.



  69. Shady Tawfik

    Dear Mr.Mohsen

    is there any contact no. in Egypt for u or the branch to ask about courses in Egypt ,


    • Admin

      Dear Mr.Shady,

      Thanks for your e-mail, unfortunately we postponed our plans in Egypt.
      As of now we have branches in United Arab Emirates & Qatar.



  70. ehab saeed

    Dear Mr mohsen

    kindly tell me where can i get the leed course and get more info about getting the certification … and please advise me if you have any material for the leed or know how to get it

    thanks & best Regards


  71. Yasser Helmi

    I would like to join the LEED courses in Egypt, so Kindly could you clarify how could i achieve this , or what if i would like to start e-learning.
    Thanks for your valuable time
    Best Regards

  72. Mohamed Hesham

    Thank You for you efforts ,i passed the LEED green associate exam at a score of 195 and i think the key to that -thanks GOD-is studying every piece of information that may be connect to LEED as the exam had some tricky questions that may not be found in a reference but by knowing much information you can expect the answer.Allow me to give a small advice to every one going to take the exam:
    1- Read ,Read ,Read the question very carefully there is a plenty of time and you may change the answer you selected after reading several times

    2-Take Online exams as you can paid or free, Honestly i used free online exam and it was good.

    3- any information connected to LEED may be important, so don’t ignore any thing not in the reference

    4-Check the “help” of LEED online site

    Hope you found my advice useful and hope you all success and thank you arch.Mohsen

  73. Ahmad Abdulmalek

    I want to contact with any architect LEED AP certified , urgently .

  74. Rehab

    Please i would like to know how can i get the LEED books for free.
    Thanks in advance

  75. Mohamed Hesham

    Yesterday i earned my LEED AP BD+C credential ,i wasn’t so hard but the exam time is pretty tight , i didn’t finish as i had one question left also i didn’t have any second to revise my answers.
    the problem was that the exam is full of calculations , so i advice any one who want to take the exam to take as much online exams as possible to train to be fast, But in general the exam was good it covered the material well .

    Also i wan’t to thank this blog for providing assistance to me when ever i have any question

    Good luck every one

  76. Karim Gaber

    Dear Eng Mohsen,

    Thanks to Allah and your effort & advice, I’ve just earned LEED AP (BD+C) Certification 2 days ago.
    My main study reference was the reference guide of LEED BD+C along with the GBES website for the mockup exams.
    The exam is more difficult than the LEED GA Associate..It has a lot of calculations which need a better calculator than the one provided in the pc screen…Also the time needed to answer just fits the 2 hours.
    I recommend that anyone who want to pass the exam to pracice on mockup exams as much as possible

    Good Luck for allof you

  77. Khaled Abdulwahab

    Dear Administration;

    Good day! I am Arch. Khalid Abdulwahab, living in Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I have finished my LEED course AP and GA and I want to become LEED Certified. Do you offer LEED Exam Preparation and Certification? If yes, How can I avail it?

    I am hoping for your response as soon as possible.


    Khalid Abdulwahab

    • Admin

      Dear Eng., Khalid,

      *pl note that I’ll be in Al Hofoof at KSA within three weeks. *pl prepare a group of 5 so we can start then.



  78. Moataz elKorashy

    Im an Architect, im seeking a LEED Green Associate Certificate, would you please advice me where can i attend a course to earn the certifacte in order to attend the exam ???

    • Admin

      Dear Eng., Moataz,

      You may join our ongoing course on Cairo on the coming Saturday morning.
      *pl contact me to discuss further.


  79. Seifeldin Mamdouh

    I have recently ended the preparation course for LEED GA and currently preparing for the exam.

    I’d like to express my appreciation and gratitude to Eng. Mohsen for being very informative and helpful throughout the course to enable us to be well-prepared for the exam in a very systematic and professional manner. Needless to say that on a personal-level, he’s a very caring person and very convenient to deal with.

    It was my first experience to work with Eng. Mohsen, and definetely won’t be the last.

  80. Mahmoud hangy

    I’d like to join a LEED GA study group in cairo, is there is any contact number so i could know more details?

  81. Heba Nazmy

    I want to join the green building courses as it will help me with my PhD. I’d be grateful if you can provide me details about the time, place and cost of the course.

    • Admin

      Dear Heba,

      Thanks for your post & unfortunately I’m in KSA as of now till the coming August 2015.

      Best regards,


  82. Heba Nazmy

    Can you please give me your advice on the most useful resources that I can study from.

  83. Nada Rakha

    I want to register a LEED AP Exam, but I read it was only applicable to people involved in LEED certified projects.
    Yet, when I tried to certify a project , once I chose Egypt in the project location I was told that the project wasn’t applicable.
    Can you please explain to me what to do?

    • Admin

      Dear Nada,

      For LEED AP exam, You need to participate in a LEED registered project & obtain a letter of attestation from an authorised person in that project.


  84. Haytham Yosri

    I’m a Mechanical Engineer and i’m looking for LEED Green Associate Certificate.
    Would you please advise me where can i attend a course in Egypt to obtain the certificate ???

    • Admin

      Dear Haytham,

      We conduct an annual course in Egypt in October, You are most welcome to join us then.


      Mohsen Sayed
      LEED Mgr.

  85. jeffrey suyat

    good day. I’m an architect by profession and I would like to undergo LEED Green Studies.
    How can I apply and do you have available training centers here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
    Please advise.
    Thanks a lot.
    Best Regards,

    • Admin

      Dear Jeff,

      Many thanks for your post & sorry for being late due to seasonal occasion/s.

      *pl note that we are at eastern province of KSA in Jubail industrial city where we handle two LEED registered projects.

      It’s our pleasure to train a team in Riyadh within your organisation once or twice a week.

      *pl contact me via e-mail for further discussion.



  86. Amr

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Please include me in the nearest LEED course.

  87. Rania Khalil

    Dear Eng Mohsen,

    I want to join the green building courses , and i don’t know what to do or how to contact you .


    • Admin

      Dear Rania,

      Thanks for your Post.

      I’ll be available in Cairo during the month of October 2015.

      The course will take place ISA upon completing a group of 10 candidates including your good self.

      We’ll start our 1st session on the 2nd Friday of October 10:00 AM up to 2:00 PM.

      Registration will follow after one hour free introduction for those who are interested to continue Exam preparation course of LEED Green Associate.

      The course is 16 hours via 4 sessions on a consequence Friday & Saturday.

      Our office located in Al Haram Street. beside city mall.



  88. khaled

    I want to join with green building courses

  89. Haytham Yosri

    Dear Mr. Mohsen,

    Any news about the LEED Course to be conducted in October ?
    I’d like to subscribe in that course if possible.


    • Mohsen

      Dear Haytham,

      We’ll start second friday of October, You are welcomed to join us.


  90. ebrahim

    i want to join this leed course . please tell me where the cource place and when and how can i connect you ?

  91. Lola

    hallo ,
    i’m an architect and would luke to take courses to get the leed certificate. . where can i find these courses to attend? ?

  92. hany

    i want to join with LEED GREEN ASSOCIATE Exam Preparation Course how can i apply for it .

    • Admin

      *pl send me your contact details via e-mail that to join the coming group in October 2016 ISA.

  93. Mohamed

    Asalamu Alikum , any courses during April or May 2016?

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