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You are most welcome to join our regular classes of PMP Exam Preparation Course in Egypt & Kingdom of Saudia Arabia.

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“Prevention over inspection”….April 2015

Group photos of December 2012 batch.

We’ll provide you with a necessary tools for passing the Exam.

Group photo of March 2013 batch.

Group photo of August 2013 batch.

Group photo of September 2013 Batch

Group photo of October 2013 Batch

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43 Responses to PMP

  1. alberto f aquino

    im more intersted

  2. mohamed hamdi

    hi , good website well done

    Mohamed Hamdi

  3. Jhun III

    Nice Web Site

  4. Janelou. Maizo

    Thanks you…

  5. ravi

    web is impressive and very nice

  6. ahmed nasr

    Thanks alot for your lessons and hope to learn more from you in another courses

  7. S Witchalls

    I attended a PMP course hosted by Mohsen Sayed. Mohsen delivers the course well, and I now have a far better understanding of the different PMP knowledge areas.

    Mohsen was always available by e-mail outside of the course times, and this to me demonstrated his commitment to his students.

    Thank you Mohsen for a great course, which I am sure, will hold me in good stead for the PMP examination.

  8. Tanveer Ahmed Niazi

    Thank you very much Mr. Mohsen for good and easy to understand PMP presentation. Your teaching style is so good that everyone can easily understand the topic being discussed.

  9. Girish Pathak

    Thank you very much for your valuable guidance throughout the PMP prep course session. I really appreciate your well structured presentation, interactive videos and excellent presentation style.

  10. Ed Ebarle III

    Sir Moshen thanks for a vey informative PMP training course.This will be use as my basic knowledge in taking the PMP exam with full confidence.


  11. Nestor C. Jumao-as

    Thanks for the very good and informative lesson of PMP. The materials used for the presentation is good that is easy to follow the sequence. Thank you so much.

  12. Ravi Chandrudu V

    attn: Moshen,
    Your teaching skills were amazing and keeps students active throughout the session. Presentation of subject so informative to everyone present in the class room. I request you to keep guide me on the subject till get over this PMP exam.

    Thank you very much.

  13. Joel P. Sevillo

    Thanks a lot Mr. Mohsen for a great job that you had done throughtout the PMP course which I’ve taken at Chicago Training Center. You’re so very accessible to your students when it comes to course materials. I appreciate very much your way of teaching to your students specially the presentation. Hope you will continue that such nice and worderful job. At this moment, I’ve learned a lot when it comes to project management. More power to you Mr. Mohsen.

  14. Roy Baquiran

    Mr. Mohsen, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and your review materials which indeed would help me personally in my preparation for the PMP exam.

  15. Lory Cuevas Fuentes

    Hello there Archt. Mohsen! Thank you so much for your time and effort of sharing such informative lesson which in a way the outline course not only focusing over the preparation on how to become certified PMP but somehow the discussion elaborates more of how to become effective Project Management Professional. I am not well adept in web browsing, but i will try keep in touch for any further updates soon . . .


    Sir your PMP teachings has been wonderful, i learnt so much and am glad of what i have learnt on how to be a successful project manager, thank you and keep the good works

    Mr Ero

  17. Biswaranjan Behera

    Presentation of all the knowledge areas are too good including the embedded videos. I would also like to suggest that slides of questions should not include answers on bottom and there should be separate slides of answers. Mr.Mohsen should ask all the students to write down there answers on their note book while showing the slides of questions, then at the end of all question slides when the answer slides come, then we can compare our noted answers to the answers given on the slides. This way we can analyze how many questions we got correct/wrong and the reasoning behind it.

    Thanks a lot for making us understand all the knowledge areas with real life experience.

    • Admin

      Dear Mr. Biswa,

      Many thanks for your fruitful feedback, I’ll consider it effectively from the coming batch.

      More power,


  18. Ihab Elkhedr

    Thanks Eng Mohsen for your Honey that you collect from best flowers to offer to your students the best meal of project management. I suggest only to increase the situational questions that is most of students do not face in their real world.
    Ihab Elkhedr

  19. Mohamed Wahid

    Nice Course

  20. Ahmed Hasweh

    Actually, before we started the PMP CLASS, I thought it would be boring and difficult, but I was surprised by the way how Eng. Mohsen is presenting the lectures and the information which made me want strongly to complete all of the lectures and thinking seriously to take another CLASSES with him.

  21. Abby Varghese

    Thank you Arch.Mohsen for the PMP training .
    It was very useful for me .I really appreciate your lecture style and commitment .
    The teaching methods were well organized ,well prepared and well scheduled .

    However ,it would be much better if binded hard copy of the PMBOK and Rita reference guides are provided by the institute .

    I’ll be more than happy to recommend my colleagues to your training .
    wish you all the best

  22. Ahmed Hasweh

    Dear Eng. Mohsen,
    I just want to thank you for you great effort during the classes of PMP, it was very helpful to me to understand the management.
    and please find below the my PMP EXAM EXPERIENCE:

    1- Most of questions were about the techniques & tools, but not direct questions, you have to understand
    the deep meaning of the techniques and when you have to use it instead of just memorize it.
    2- Maybe there was more than 20 questions about the EARNED VALUE, all of it was indirect, also it
    needs you understand the concept.
    3- You will find also some tricky questions, if you do not read it carefully then you will lost the time to
    solve it while it need only one second to solve it.
    4- In general, 4 hours is enough to complete the exam, I’ve complete it half an hour earlier.
    5- There are some questions related to your general understanding in the management.
    6- You must have the confidence that you will pass, and you will pass.
    7- You have to solve (as much as you can) questions specially the exam simulation questions, so you will
    be familiar with this type of questions.
    8- Try to read RITA 8 EDITION, it was very helpful for me to understand the PMBOK.

  23. Gyrlou

    Mr. Mohsen,

    The training was indeed great and had helped a lot for me to understand better the PMP concept. I agree my batch feel the same way I did.

    Your effort in making professionals understand more about project management is great.

    Looking forward to seeing you again.


  24. Yaman Ater

    Dear Mr. mohsen

    It was great pleasure to know you and join your training course , your session was helpfull , directed , interactive, organized , also your real life examples was great for more understanding of the topics , your tools & technique in explaining the ideas was smooth and effective , thanks for you and for the cooperative team we joined together . Hope join your other certificates training .


  25. Hudson

    Thanks alot for your fruitful lessons and hope to learn more from you in other courses

  26. Magdi

    Dear Eng./ Mohsen,
    Really it was very good to attend PMP course with you. Y ou are really did your best to give us material in easy way for better understanding.

  27. Dave Ifabiyi

    Dear Mr Mohsen,

    I’m sure i’ll be speaking the minds of most of the colleagues that were in my PMP Training Class by saying your presentations were AWESOME! It brought a lot of LIFE to a very “boring” course like PMP. I sure miss the flowers you share to end each Knowledge area. Looking forward to coming back to this page to share my success story of passing the exam. Cheers!

  28. Nancy Kanaan

    Dear Mr. Mohsen,

    I would like to thank you for the valuable and useful informations that you gave it to us in PMP Class. appercaite your good effort and your helpful way in delevering the info to us.

    thanks again and was my pleasure to have the course with you.

  29. mohamed almodather

    thank you mr.mohsen for all your valuable efforts
    it’s my pleasure to inrol this class

  30. Ihab Elkhedr

    Thanks Eng Mohsen
    I have passed PMP Exam Today 3-8-2014
    I would like to thank Mr Mohsen a lot for his efforts.
    and I wish good luck for all my colleagues.
    Ihab Elkhedr

  31. Gyrlou Paulin

    Mr. Mohsen,
    I am a member of your class last March of 2014 and I would like to give you the credit for mentoring us and providing clear understanding with the PMP management system. You have given us more understanding and provided a very good medium or tools in your presentations that kept us interested and learned a lot.
    I am happy to say that I got certified or passed the PMP exam just yesterday and I am very thankful to your effort and professional inputs.
    Wishing others to pass as well.
    Thanks and God bless us all!

  32. Samir El-Qatary

    Dear Eng. Mohsen,

    I would like to thank you for your great effort with us in PMP course.

    Many thanks

  33. Mohammed Gaweesh

    Excellent instructor, valuable and very interesting materials.
    Thank you very much for your effort, this course is really a very important step in my career path.
    My best wishes.

  34. Ashraf ramadan

    Dear Eng. Mohsen
    Thank you for PMP course ,
    I have benefited alot from your morals with your explanation

  35. Ahmed nour

    Dear ENG. MOHSSEN,

    Your performance was wonderful, and the presentation of the material made it easy for us to follow up with you.

    I hope you will keep supporting us till we pass the exam ISA.


    Sr. Mechanical Engineer
    Mobile:+966 (0) 545737454
    Fax :+966 (03) 3467140 or 3471999
    P.O. Box 11662 , Al Jubail industrial city 31961, KSA /
    web: http://WWW.AZMEEL.COM

  36. Ahmed nour

    Dear Eng. Mohsen,

    I would like to thank you for the great effort you did for simplifying & delivering the information in an easy way during the PMP course. You finished your role towards us & still our role not finished yet ,hoping we will make you satisfied from us after implementing all what we have learned in PMP not only at work ,but also at home .

    Thanks & Best Regards
    Engr. Mohammed Abdulhady
    Sr. Budget Engineer-Technical dept

  37. Mohamed Ahmed Abdulhady

    Dear Mr. Mohsen,

    I would like to thank you for the great effort you did for simplifying & delivering the information in an easy way during the PMP course.

    Thanks & Best Regards
    Engr. Mohammed Abdulhady
    Sr. Budget Engineer-Technical dept

  38. abdelhady

    We appreciate your great effort which was helpful, directed , interactive and well organised.

    Thanks & Best Regards
    Engr. Abdelhady Mahmoud

    Chief Estimator Engineer-Technical dept.

  39. Islam Aly Abdallah elsayed

    Thanks a lot Eng. Mohsen for a great job that you had done throughtout the PMP course wit us. You’re so very accessible to your students when it comes to course materials. I appreciate very much your way of teaching to your students. Hope you will continue that such nice and worderful job. At this moment, I’ve learned a lot when it comes to project management. More power to you Eng. Mohsen.

  40. Ayesh Abdulaziz

    Thank you Engr. Mohsen
    Excellent presentation and Excellent explanation
    we benefited a lot in knowledge areas and enjoyed lectures

  41. Adel Hussien

    Eng Mohsen
    I applaud your exciting and interactive style in the lectures

  42. EL-Sayed Ali El-Desouki

    Alssalam Alaykum Warahmat Alllah Wabirikatat

    My greetings Engineer / Mohsen Syed.

    First to be to tell you that I love you in God, where we said that the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and I remember an interview with the Prophet peace be upon him say (good in In Emta to the Day of Resurrection) and the establishment of God Ahsbk of this kind who told us by the Messenger of Allah (PBUH).

    As well as the reasons for this session that God Azlna in which on no shade but His.

    Regarding the PMP was an interesting start to the all-day science to retrieve the beautiful, this is real and actually gain “was useful for me to clarify some useful information and the establishment of God are beginning to focus and work to obtain a certificate PMP.

    Praise God the best and make it to your good deed

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